Alarm/Security Technician

Full Time
Lane Tomkins, NY
Posted 2 months ago

Job Features

Job CategoryAvailable Jobs, Other
Job Description:"Technician should be knowledgeable in the Security Field as they will be installing Alarm, Fire, Camera Systems and Audio Systems. Must be computer friendly to take classes on line and enter info into portal. Tech will be installing camera systems so must be ok with climbing ladders. Fire Inspections are done a regular basis so must have knowledge of Fire Systems. Must have a clean drivers license and be comfortable driving an oversize van. Tech will keep daily worksheets on work done for day and log time on jobs. Must be friendly to customers and explain how their system will work. "
Qualification:"Experience with Security Systems either on job or schooling. Familiar with tools and able to climb ladders. Good background check. Clean drivers license."
Skills:"Be able to use hand tools (drills etc) Knowledge of computer Fast learner and able to retain directions "
Certification:None are necessary, but any additional training is beneficial.
Anticipated Start Date:7/24/2023
Job Type:Full-Time
Hourly:$15.00-25.00 per hour

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