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Job Description:The Community Employment Specialist II position is responsible for coordinating, planning, scheduling and implementing programs for their assigned employment caseload. This person provides direct supports to people enrolled in a variety of employment programs based on their interests and desires. This person ensures delivery of Community Based Prevocational, Supported Employment (SEMP), ETP, ACCES-VR and other OPWDD employment programs. This person performs vocational assessments, compiles reports, conducts person-centered employment planning, job-related discovery, job development, analysis, customization, and placement. This person must have the ability to work independently, problem solve on the spot, and think critically without on-site supervision. This person implements a variety of training techniques, interventions and teaching procedures aimed at providing employment opportunities to people receiving supports. This person is responsible for the safety of each person and provides training to facilitate inclusion into community employment related settings. This person ensures delivery of Community Based Prevocational, Supported Employment (SEMP), ETP, ACCES-VR and other OPWDD employment programs. This person documents and verifies detailed daily data collection, monthly notes and other required documentation as outlined by regulatory bodies. Depending upon specific assignment, this person may be required to work flexible hours, including nights and weekends.
Qualifications:Minimum Education: Bachelor’s Degree, preferably in Human Services field. At the discretion of the Employer, four years of experience working in a direct support position within this agency or an Associate’s Degree with two years of experience working in a direct support position within this agency, along with demonstrated competencies in completion of the required duties, may be substituted for the Bachelor’s degree requirement.
Minimum Experience:One year of experience relevant to assigned location.
Training and Competency: Requirements:Staff must adhere to the professional training requirements as set forth by OPWDD Supported Employment regulations. Newly hired staff must complete 24 hours of training within the first year of hire and 6 hours each year thereafter. Staff providing ACCES-VR supports, must complete additional core training requirements separate from those dictated by OPWDD. Staff is expected to travel to remote Page 2 of 5 locations to complete the training requirements in Rockland and Westchester counties as well as New York City. Self-directed instruction, offered through the Relias Learning Management System, must be successfully completed as prescribed within assigned timeframes. Based upon position, staff must complete a curriculum designated for the specific job title, within the first 6 months in the position. (See attachment for an outline of the Training and Competency requirements for supporting people in community employment).
Knowledge/Skills:Familiarity with principles and techniques used in the supervision of the developmentally disabled in community employment related settings.  Communicate effectively with a variety of individuals representing diverse culture and backgrounds.  Demonstrate competency in writing monthly notes and completion of daily documentation  Interact with parents, guardians and other professionals regarding individual plans and progress.  Establish effective working relationships with management, employees and the public.  Valid driver’s license and meet Agency’s driving standards.  Based on assignment, availability and willingness to work varied work schedules and work environments.  Represent yourself and the agency in a professional and courteous manner.  Adhere to and maintain the integrity of the Agency’s mission statements and guiding principles The following are functional job demands/essential physical requirements to safely carry out the essential job tasks at The Arc Rockland and are based on the employee’s compliance with the use of mechanical lifts and other ergonomic aids as outlined in the Individual’s plan of protective oversight and/or Life Plan. The Direct Support Provider assignment can vary due to individual and/or staffing needs/location.
Physical Requirements: Must have visual acuity adequate to read correspondence, computer screen, forms.  Work may include bending, stooping, walking and continuous standing.  Work may include lifting, including but not limited to, assisting individuals on/off or in/out of a vehicle or assisting individuals with work tasks contingent upon worksite requirement.  Must have speaking and hearing ability to sufficiently communicate by phone or in person at normal volumes  Must be able to kneel and complete compressions to perform CPR if needed  Must be able to perform SCIP techniques and physically intervene in situations where an individual’s behavior is escalating Dexterity  Moderate level of
Environmental Considerations:May be exposed to a few slip and trip hazards on the floor, odors, inclement weather, medical wastes, illness and unpredictable work conditions. May be required to work in areas within the agency, community and offsite locations that may or may not be heated or cooled.
Working Conditions:Work involves regular contact with people receiving supports. May require travel throughout Rockland and neighboring counties.

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