Food Service Courier

Clarkstown Central School District

Full Time
Rockland County
Posted 11 months ago

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Job CategoryHospitality and Tourism, Other
Job Description:This work primarily involves the operation of a motor vehicle for the purpose of collecting and distributing mail, supplies, and other materials and equipment. This position differs from a Mail Clerk or Materials Handler as it involves skill in the operation of a motor vehicle. This position also differs from a Chauffeur since the latter is concerned primarily with the transportation of people. When not performing Courier duties incumbent may be assigned incidental duties of any beginning level job not involving special skills or knowledge; however, any such non-courier duties must be limited to occasional assignments. The work is carried out in accordance with prescribed procedures. Does related work as required.
Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:Operates motor vehicles; Delivers, distributes and collects mail and messages, film and audiovisual equipment, and incidental food supplies, custodial and maintenance supplies, office supplies and equipment and other materials; Packs and unpacks materials; Loads and unloads vehicles; Checks vehicle for safe and economical operation; Keeps simple records on motor vehicle operations, such as mileage, fuel consumption, time, date and place of deliveries and/or pickups; Performs preventative maintenance on vehicle; May deliver bank deposits; May assist in cleaning, routine maintenance, clerical, office machine operation or other work of a simple nature; May perform routine maintenance on vehicles such as washing, cleaning, changing tires, etc
Full Performance Knowledge, Skills, Abilities And Personal Characteristics:Working knowledge of the methods used in delivering, distributing and collecting supplies and materials; skill in the safe operation of motor vehicles; ability to follow simple oral and written instructions; ability to maintain simple records and prepare simple reports; ability to get along well with others; ability to inspect and service motor vehicles.
Minimum Qualifications:No formal education or experience is required.
Special Requirement:Possession of a driver license appropriate for the kind and size of motor vehicle to be operated
Work Hours:6:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Benefits:Sick Time, Health Insurance, part of Collective Bargaining Agreement.

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