Front Desk Receptionist

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Job CategoryBiomedical
Job Description:• Greet patients as they enter office and have them sign in. • If patient is new, have them fill out the proper paperwork and make copies of their insurance card and ID. • Check for any insurance changes with all patients. • Notify patients of the new cancellation policy if not yet aware. • Check patients in on computer and note their arrival on the daily log with medical insurance information. • Move chart to pick up area for Medical Assistant to move patient out of the waiting room to the exam room. • After the patient is seen by the M.D., schedule patients next appointment, give reminder card if requested. • Collect co-payments, give receipt, note payment and type of payment on daily log. • Enter patient’s medical information from the appointment into the computer after the visit and request medications to be ordered as M.D. prescribes via e-scribe system. • Answer calls and handle all necessary issues surrounding the call, i.e.: schedule appointments, fax paperwork, look up information, etc. Office Manager or M.D. can help with any questions that may arise. • Assist with miscellaneous office duties, not limited to, but including; scheduling appointments, file, fax, etc. • Pull and set up charts for next day. • Make reminder calls for future appointments. • At the end of the shift, desk is cleaned, daily logs go in appointment/log book and garbage taken out to dumpster if needed. All staff has the responsibility of keeping the office clean and tidy looking. • Hours of office work is set by individual day and will be set by Office Manager. • Questions/concerns are to be directed to her.
Qualifications:Excellent communication/phone skills computer skills
Skills:• computer skills • fast learner • good at multitasking • reliable • honest • kind • compassionate
Hourly wage or salary:$16+ depending on experience
Anticipated Start Date:10/27/2022
Certifications:Will train

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