Materials Courier

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Rockland County, West Nyack
Posted 6 months ago

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Job CategoryBiomedical, Crystal Run Healthcare, Virtual Winter Festival
Description:Under the direct supervision of the Materials Management Supervisor, The Material Courier will be responsible for replenishing supplies utilizing a Two Bin system. The Materials Courier will also be responsible for mail distribution, lab specimen pickup and delivery, fax batch pickup and delivery, reprocessing pickup and delivery, and other like processes.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:Sorts and delivers incoming mail Replenishes supplies as needed utilizing a Two Bin system. Maintains par levels, set by management, to ensure that stock is available of all medical products for the nursing staff. Par level changes must be approved by Nursing and Materials management. Utilizes the ERP system as needed All medical supplies in the par areas must be checked for expiration dates. You must maintain a rotating system placing oldest items in the front. All par areas must be properly labeled with item number and description along with the par levels. Works with Manager to ensure that all areas of responsibility are maintained in a clean, safe and orderly manner. Assists in the proper receiving and distribution of all vaccines in accordance with the vaccine policy. Assists in the proper receiving and distribution of all narcotics in accordance with the procedures approved on the Narcotics Committee.
Qualifications:Experience in receiving and distribution preferred. Good computer skills required. Ability to perform routine, repetitive tasks on a continuous basis despite frequent interruptions. Ability to follow oral and written instructions.
Physical Requirements:Must be able to lift heavy packages of up to 75 pounds. Ability to communicate with all levels of staff. Ability to maintain assigned areas by using a variety of equipment and cleaning materials. Ability to transport equipment and supplies of various sizes and weights throughout the facility(s).
Working Environment:Usual office environment Work area may be noisy and stressful. There may be exposure to hazardous waste materials. There will be the usual walking, use of elevator and stairs
Success Criteria:Accountability- Takes responsibility for outcomes of personal actions, decisions, and behaviors. Provides consistent, timely, high quality work. Completes work by established time lines and routinely uses time effectively. Meets annual mandatory education and employee health requirements in the time frame prescribed. Is punctual, observes prescribed work hours and meal periods and has an acceptable overall attendance record. Adheres to safety guidelines and reports environmental issues to Facilities. Adaptability- Accepts and effectively adapts to changes in position, department and organization. Responds to change positively with a genuine desire to support the organization and accepting work assignment adjustments as needed. Communication- Communicates clearly and effectively both orally and written. Demonstrates active listening and respect for other's ideas, problems, and suggestions. Responds in a prompt and friendly manner to requests and inquiries. Respects confidentiality and is HIPAA compliant in all aspects of communication regarding patients, employees and the organization. Utilizes C.L.E.A.R. and H.E.A.R.T. Computer Literacy- Uses computers and software relevant to position effectively and efficiently in the working environment. Customer/Patient Focus- Knows the customer (internal and external) business needs and acts accordingly. Provides consistent, quality service to all patients and customers. Job Knowledge/Technical Skill- Effectively performs essential job functions on a consistent basis. Demonstrates the practical and technical skills and knowledge required for the job. Demonstrates initiative consistent with job expectations to improve performance. Professionalism- Takes pride in presenting a professional image and behavior. Maintains professional appearance by adhering to dress code and wearing identification badge. Acts in accordance with the Core Values. Teamwork/Cooperation- Creates a positive work environment and influences the behavior of other employees by their supportive and positive approach to daily activities within the work environment. Assists coworkers in response to fluctuations in workloads. Maintains positive work relationships by being courteous and respectful. Builds trust and works with integrity. Accepts criticism, is open to new ideas, and handles conflict constructively and diplomatically.

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