Medical Assistant

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Job CategoryAvailable Jobs, Biomedical
Job description:MEDICAL OFFICE: MEDICAL ASSISTANT • Greet patients by first name when patient is in the waiting room and direct them to the examination room. • Once in the exam room, complete any necessary paperwork regarding screenings as requested by M.D. or Office Manager. • Take patient’s pulse, oxygenation of blood (SpO2), height and weight and note it in the patient’s chart. • May perform EKG’s as instructed by M.D. and/or Office Manager. • May perform breathing tests as instructed by M.D. and/or Office Manager. • May perform prepping of Strep or Urine cultures as instructed by the M.D. and/or Office Manager. • Medical Assistant may draw up an injection in a syringe for the M.D. to inject, i.e.: Flu shot. • Input patient’s data into EMR system after appointment is over. • May electronically request medication as directed by M.D. • Answer calls as time allows and help resolve issues that arise. • Assist with miscellaneous office duties, not limited to, but including; scheduling appointments, file, fax, etc. • Pull and set up charts for next day. • At the end of the shift, desk is cleaned, daily logs go in appointment/log book and garbage taken out to dumpster if needed. All staff has the responsibility of keeping the office clean and tidy looking. • Hours of office work is set by individual day and will be set by Office Manager. Questions/concerns are to be directed to her.
Qualifications:• Understand and Maintain HIPAA requirements as set forth by law and office protocol • Computer skills
Skills:• Willingness to learn • Good Listener • Good work attitude • Team Player • Flexible • Honorable • Kind/Compassionate • Comfortable working around sick people
Hourly wage:$16 per hour
Anticipated start date:11/7/2022
Job type:Part-Time
Job category:Biomedical

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