Per Diem Behavioral Health Specialist (CFTSS) – Westchester County

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Irvington, NY
Posted 2 months ago

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Job Description:"About Abbott House Abbott House is an innovative community-based organization that helps children, families, adults and people with intellectual and developmental disabilities with complex needs build lasting foundations for a promising future. We operate programs in the New York Metropolitan area and Hudson Valley. Job Summary Based on training, experience and qualifications, the Service Provider may be called upon to provide one or more of the following services to children and families enrolled in the specific services. In no situation shall a Service Provider provide services where he/she does not meet the minimum educational requirements and qualifications necessary to provide such services as documented. Psychiatric Supports and Treatment Services (CPST) CPST services are goal-directed supports and solution-focused interventions intended to address challenges associated with a behavioral health needs and to achieve identified goals or objectives as set forth in the child’s treatment plan. CPST services must be part of the treatment plan, which includes goals and activities necessary to correct or ameliorate conditions discovered during the initial assessment visits. CPST is a face-to-face intervention with the child/youth (required), family/caregiver or other collateral supports. This is a multi-component service that consists of therapeutic interventions such as counseling, as well as functional supports. Activities provided under CPST are intended to assist the child/youth and family caregivers to achieve stability and functional improvement in daily living, personal recovery and/or resilience, family and interpersonal relationships in school and community integration. The family/caregivers, therefore, is expected to have an integral role in the support and treatment of the child/youth’s behavioral health need.CPST is designed to provide community-based services to children and families who may have difficulty engaging in formal office settings but can benefit from home and/or community based rehabilitative services. CPST allows for delivery of services within a variety of permissible settings including, but not limited to, community locations where the child/youth lives, works, attends school, engages in services, and/or socializes. Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR) Psychosocial Rehabilitation services are designed to restore, rehabilitate, and support a child’s/youth as an active and productive member of their family and community with the goal of achieving minimal on-going professional intervention. Services assist with implementing interventions on a treatment plan to compensate for, or eliminate, functional deficits and interpersonal and/or behavioral health barriers associated with a child/youth’s behavioral health needs. Activities are “hands on” and task oriented, intended to achieve the identified goals or objectives as set forth in the child/youth’s individualized treatment plan. These services must include assisting the child/youth to develop and apply skills in natural settings. PSR is intended to foster and promote the development of needed skills identified in assessment or through the ongoing treatment of a licensed practitioner. PSR services are to be recommended by a licensed practitioner and a part of a treatment plan. PSR activities are focused on addressing the rehabilitative needs of the child/youth as part of a treatment plan and can be provided in coordination with treatment interventions by a licensed practitioner (e.g. OLP) or provider of CPST. Services are delivered in a trauma informed, culturally and linguistically competent manner."
Qualification:"You have a minimum BA/BS in a human services field plus four years of relevant work experience working directly with children and families Or you have a Master’s degree in social work, psychology, or in related human services, plus one year of applicable experience."
Skills:Experience working directly with children and families.
Certification:Bachelor's degree
Job Type:8/4/2023
Hourly:$20.00 - $40.00 per hour
Anticipated Start Date:8/4/2023

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