Records Management Administrative Coordinator

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Job CategoryBiomedical
Job Description:The Records Management Administrative Coordinator will be responsible to provide oversight coordination of all records management activities. The person will coordinate and ensure that all agency records are maintained, stored archived and retrieved in compliance with laws and regulations. The person will also provide administrative office support to the CQI/Risk Management Department
Responsibilities:• Provide oversight coordination of all records- related activities • Coordinate records management processes with programs and departments • Collaborate with programs and departments to standardize the record storage and destruction processes • Assist programs and departments maintain and manage open records in accordance with guidelines • Create and maintain folders, logs and databases to account for closed/archived records • Scan files to digital databases (computer) • Coordinate records storage and retrieval in accordance with regulatory requirements • Process and respond to requests for release of archived records and information • Develop procedures and maintain standardized Records Management Procedure Manual • Provide on-going training to staff on processes for preparing, storing and maintaining records • Conduct audits of records management processes in programs and departments • Provide comprehensive audit reports with appropriate recommendations to program administrators • Manage records and administrative tasks for CQI Department • Coordinate and manage CQI office and other supplies • Perform other duties as assigned
Qualifications:• High School diploma required. At least one (1) of related experience preferred
Skills:• Ability to interact with and complete assignments in a manner sensitive to the service population’s cultural and socioeconomic characteristics. • Ability to complete assignments in a timely manner • Effective communication skills (written and verbal) to interact with all levels of staff up to and including Executives • Comprehensive reading and writing skills. • Ability to use initiative to enhance performance to meet the needs of the Agency. • Computer skills and knowledge of Microsoft word: ability to create and maintain forms,spreadsheets and checklists
Salary Wage:$40,000
Anticipated Start Date:7/5/2022

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