Reprocessing Tech

Full Time
Rockland County
Posted 1 year ago

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Job CategoryBiomedical
Job Description:The Reprocessing Technician assists in maintaining instruments used for diagnostic and interventional procedures. Responsibilities include the cleaning, disinfecting, sterilization, organization and distribution of the Endoscopy, Surgical, ENT and Urology instruments and scopes. The Technician adheres to Practice policies, and Infection Control and OSHA standards; collaborating with nursing staff to ensure the provision of safe and efficient patient care. May be cross-trained to function in other capacities to ensure optimal operation of the Surgical/ENT/Urology departments.
Primary Responsibilities:• Demonstrates proper sterile technique, utilizing proper personal protective equipment as needed. • Operates mechanical and electrical equipment according to manufacturer’s instructions, ie ultrasonic cleaner, autoclave, leak tester, DSD and MV-1. • Responsible for cleaning, disinfecting, sterilization, maintenance, organization and distribution of all Endoscopy/Surgical/ENT/Urology instruments and scopes as described in the user manuals and/or department policies utilizing Practice approved disinfectants only. • Knowledgeable in proper handling and disposal of high level disinfectants (Rapicide and Cidex. OPA) and low level disinfectants (Enzol, ethyl/isopropyl alcohol, PDI Sani-cloth and Legacide). • Conducts concentration checks on high level disinfectants and quality control checks properly and documents appropriately. • Sterilizes equipment according to policy, verifying cycle completion and maintaining print out when applicable. • Maintains logs on quality controls, disinfectant cycles and change dates, autoclave cleaning and biological indicator results, equipment preventative maintenance, equipment repairs and filter changes; reporting any discrepancies appropriately. • Assists in ordering, and organizes reprocessing supplies for the Endoscopy/Surgery/ENT/Urology depts.

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