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Job Description:"The North Rockland (Haverstraw-Stony Point) Central School District is seeking candidates for a Strength and Conditioning Coach position. This is a full-time 12-month position. The Strength and Conditioning Coach plays a critical role in enhancing the performance and well-being of athletes in various sports. GENERAL JOB DESCRIPTION AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Program Development: Create and maintain a comprehensive strength and conditioning program tailored to the specific needs and goals of athletes in different sports. This program should aim to improve athletic performance, prevent injuries, and promote lifelong fitness and movement skills. Scientific Principles: Utilize sound scientific principles and up-to-date research to design training plans that are effective, safe, and evidence-based. Training Supervision: Oversee training sessions, ensuring that athletes are following the prescribed workout routines and techniques; offer guidance and motivation to athletes during workouts. Athlete Evaluation: Regularly assess and evaluate the progress of athletes; adjust training plans as needed to address weaknesses and enhance strengths. Record Keeping: Maintain accurate records of athletes' performance and progress to track improvements and identify areas for improvement Coaching and Teaching: Teach strength and conditioning classes when necessary, helping athletes understand the importance of fitness, nutrition, and proper exercise techniques Collaboration: Collaborate with sport coaches to align the strength and conditioning program with the specific needs and objectives of each sport. This includes addressing sport-specific conditioning and skills. Rehabilitation Support: If working with injured athletes, work closely with sports medicine or athletic training staff to develop rehabilitation plans that incorporate strength and conditioning exercises to aid in the recovery process. Facility Maintenance: Ensure the strength and conditioning facility is well-maintained and equipped with appropriate training tools and safety measures. Safety and Procedures: Develop and enforce policies, plans, and procedures for the safe and professional operation of the facility. This includes setting guidelines for equipment use, hygiene, and athlete conduct."
Qualification:"RECOMMENDED QUALIFICATIONS: -Bachelor's Degree (Exercise science preferred) -Experience working with team sports"
Skills:"As per job description Excellent interpersonal skills"
Certification:"RECOMMENDED INDUSTRY CERTIFICATIONS: -Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) -National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT) -Related Certifications- CPR, First Aid, USAW Level Sports Performance Coach"
Anticipated Start Date:11/27/2023
Job Type:Full-Time
Salary:$45,000- $80,000

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