Handyman For Condominium Property, Valley Cottage, NY- Temporary Assignment

Company Name: Archway property management
City: Central Valley
Type of Business: Other
# of open positions: 1
Job is: Temporary
Salary Range: $26-$28 per hour
Education: HS Diploma/GED

Job Description

Handyman for Condominium Property, Valley Cottage, NY – Temporary Assignment

Archway Property Management is seeking a Handyman for the PERIOD OF JUNE 3, 2024 THROUGH AUGUST 30, 2024 on behalf of one of our managed condominium properties in Valley Cottage, NY. NOTE: On-site training will be provided, and there is an opportunity to transition into a full-time employee of the Condominium.

The Handyman is responsible for overseeing and maintaining the interior and exterior buildings, common areas, grounds, and facilities of the Condominium, excluding individual owner units, and overseeing any contracted repairs.

The Candidate must have working knowledge of light plumbing and light electrical, painting, drywall, janitorial, and other general handyman repairs while proactively and diplomatically interacting with the Condominium’s Management Company to address all issues and concerns.

NOTE: This job description is not intended to be a complete list of all duties, responsibilities or qualifications associated with the job. Other duties may be assigned as needed.

Responsibilities (frequency of certain responsibilities/tasks will be outlined in conjunction with Management Company):

• Review and prioritize daily inbound work orders received by Management Company.
• Respond to any emergency calls relating to maintenance issues 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
• Assess repair needs and estimated time needed for repair, including determination of whether an outside vendor is needed to complete repair.
• Oversee all contracted repairs to ensure they are completed correctly and on-time.
• Maintain/perform routine repairs of all common areas, hallways, basements, laundry rooms, grounds, and facilities of Condominium with emphasis on performing preventative maintenance while displaying efficiency and cost-effectiveness and ensuring safety of all residents.
• Perform painting, taping, and spackling in common areas as needed.
• Maintain swimming pool area—thoroughly clean and sweep cabana and restrooms and patio area, stock restrooms with needed supplies, ensure tables and umbrellas are operational. Note: Contracted Pool Service company maintains the swimming pool.
• Interact with service contractors and providers, including plumbers, landscapers, electricians, inspectors, municipal employees, alarm company personnel, and pool service company.
• Maintain lighting in all hallways, basements, building entrances, laundry room entrances, dumpster areas, etc.
• Monitor basement sump pumps and dehumidifiers on a continual basis and after each rainfall to ensure all are in proper working order and basements remain water free.
• Ensure all dumpster doors are closed and interior lights are in working order. As required, thoroughly sweep sidewalks, curbs, building entry stairs, steps leading to basements/laundry areas, and the interior/exterior areas of dumpster areas and properly dispose of all swept refuse. Ensure grounds and visitors’ parking lot are free from litter, and dispose of all litter as necessary.
• Monitor overflow of all recycle bins and secure additional bins as needed.
• Vacuum common area hallways.

• Responsible for proper handling, use and care of building tools and equipment.
• Responsible for overall organization and cleanliness of handyman’s work-garages and work areas; maintain/replenish inventory supplies.
• Maintain all keys and combination locks (basements, boiler rooms, storage rooms, swimming pool entrance, cabana, etc.) and ensure all are clearly labeled.

Qualifications, Experience and Skills:
• Fluent in English.
• High school diploma or equivalency preferred.
• Basic math skills.
• Minimum 2 years of handyman experience or trade-school graduate with strong knowledge of general plumbing and general electrical, carpentry, painting, general maintenance and repair techniques.
• Experience with hand and power tools, hardware tools and electrical equipment.
• Candidate must be able to pass a drug and background check.
• Valid driver’s license and current vehicle insurance.

• Excellent problem-solving skills to identify and resolve issues efficiently.
• Ability to prioritize tasks and manage time effectively.
• Thorough and accurate work habits and organizational skills; you pay attention to the details to ensure high-quality workmanship while accurately completely assignments.
• Self-motivated with the ability to work independently in a fast-paced environment.
• A positive work attitude with a willingness to learn.

Hours: Monday-Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., with one hour for lunch with additional compensation for any time spent responding to emergency calls outside of the daily work hours.

HOURLY RATE: $26 to $28 per hour – commensurate with experience.

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