Workforce Development Board

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About Us

The Workforce Development Board of Rockland County sets workforce development policy and oversees the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), procures services for WIOA Title I programs as well as identifies training providers and programs for inclusion on the Eligible Training Providers List (ETPL). The WDBRC oversees the operation of the county’s One Stop Operator (Rockland Works) and develops partnerships with businesses, community agencies and job seekers to meet the workforce needs of the county.

Executive Committee

Lynne C. Allan, Chair

Howard Hellman, Vice Chair

Michele Green, Secretary

Matthew Shelley, Treasurer

Business Representatives

Larry Beckerle

Michael Chang

Won Choe

Keri Cunningham

Bruce Fuchs

Joseph Jr Gedeiko

Eileen Guzzo

Brian Levy

Tom Ossa

Anthony F. Pili

Jennifer Rivera

Robert Woodill

Labor Representatives

Kevin Connell

William Edwards

Stephen J. Reich

Other Representatives

Benito Herrero

Renold Julien

Jeanne Lipscomb

Brooke Malloy

Robert Pitkofsky

Sr. Kathleen Sullivan


Lucy Redzeposki

Rachel Adler

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A Local WDB must conduct its business in an open manner as required by WIOA sec. 107(e), by making available to the public, on a regular basis through electronic means and open meetings, information about the activities of the Local WDB. This includes: 

(a) Information about the Local Plan, or modification to the Local Plan, before submission of the plan; 

(b) List and affiliation of Local WDB members; 

(c) Selection of one-stop operators; 

(d) Award of grants or contracts to eligible training providers of workforce investment activities including providers of youth workforce investment activities; 

(e) Minutes of formal meetings of the Local WDB; and 

(f) Local WDB by-laws, consistent with § 679.310(g).

Workforce Development Board of Rockland County By-Laws
Veteran and Adult Priority of Service Policy
Modified Local Plan
Gun Violence Prevention Supportive Services Policy
Mid-Hudson Regional Plan

WDB Meeting Information & Documents

WDB PY24 Quarter 1 Meeting

WDB PY23 Quarter 4 Meeting

WDB PY23 Quarter 3 Meeting

WDB PY23 Quarter 2 Meeting

Workforce Summit

Special Meeting – Approval of Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) of 2014 One Stop Operator.